GFWC Lamoille Women's Club

Member of General Federation of Women's Clubs and

Nevada Federation of Women's Clubs


Founded in 1918

Incorporated in 1982

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I have to live in Lamoille?

        No.  Any woman in Elko County is eligible for membership.


Do I need to attend every meeting?

        Members attend meetings when they can and participate in

        a variety of activities outside the meetings.

What about dues?

        Yearly dues are $30 and are paid on or before

        September 30.

How is committee involvement handled?

        You will be informed about each committee's activities and

        have an opportunity to choose which you like to be

        involved in - it may only be one or more if you choose.


Do I have to participate in every fundraiser?

        The Ways and Means Committee is responsible for

        developing and implementing various fundraising activities

        during the year.  If you choose to be on that committee, of

        course, you will be more involved.  If not, you may still help

        at fundraisers in various ways as your time permits.  Our

        June event, the Lamoille Country Fair is a huge

        undertaking, and most members are involved in some way

        from helping with the planning to serving lemonade.