GFWC Lamoille Women's Club

Member of General Federation of Women's Clubs and

Nevada Federation of Women's Clubs


Founded in 1918

Incorporated in 1982

LWC Clubhouse Rental

The Lamoille Women's Club rents its clubhouse and grounds to its members for their special events.  The Clubhouse is not a public venue; this privilege exists for the benefit and enjoyment of its members who support it.


The LWC Standing Rules dictate that the "Clubhouse (be) rented only to Club members, in good standing with a lease agreement for their use."  In addition, "Prior to renting the building, one must have been an active member and participated in meetings and fundraisers for one (1) year."


LWC members renting the Clubhouse are required to conform to all Club rules and to return the building and grounds to the condition it was rented in after they have used the property.


The rental fee is due in advance with lease agreement and cleaning/damage deposit.  The reserved date(s) must not conflict with any regularly scheduled Club events.


Members interested in renting the Clubhouse should contact Millie McCarley, Chairman of Buildings and Grounds, at 775-753-6410.