GFWC Lamoille Women's Club

Member of General Federation of Women's Clubs and

Nevada Federation of Women's Clubs


Founded in 1918

Incorporated in 1982


LWC 2012 - 2014 Community Improvement Project

The Yellow Dot Program

The Lamoille Women's Club's Community Improvement Project chosen for 2012 - 2014 is the Yellow Dot Program - a civic program designed to aid first responders and medical personnel in treating victims of vehicle accidents.

The Yellow Dot Program consists of placing a yellow dot sticker on a vehicle window letting first responders and rescue personnel know there is a yellow packet in the glove compartment providing medical and emergency information should the vehicle be involved in an accident and the occupant cannot communicate..


If you are an Elko local organization and you would like to have the LWC committee chair for the Yellow Dot Program speak to your members about the program, the committee chair for the Yellow Dot Program is Martha Wallace.  She may be contacted at 775-385-3502.

Yellow Dot Program Chair Martha Wallace is shown left demonstrating the procedure for using the Yellow Dot Packet for a reporter from the Elko Daily Free Press.  Thanks to Martha's willingness to go to the Elko Daily Free Press on a rainy day and stand in the rain for photos, the Yellow Dot Program and its donors were publicized in an expansive front page, below the fold newspaper article that appeared on January 28, 2013. Great job, Martha!